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Norah Kerwegi, founder of Atura Naturals found herself many years ago like many women, searching for skincare products that would complement her sensitive skin.

In 2013 she was introduced to Ugandan Shea Butter however, this was difficult to find in the UK. She had tried the conventional shea butter that was on the market but the consistency and results did not compare. With friends now noticing the difference in her skin and asking her for the shea butter every time she went on holiday to Uganda, she had to find a way to make this easier for all.

Moo Yao

Fast forward a few years, whilst in Uganda, Norah had spoken to a few local women producers about the origins and process of making the shea butter locally referred to as ‘Moo yao’. Fascinated about the traditional practices, the beneficial effects of Nilotica Shea Butter’s properties as a health and beauty ‘elixir’ and the positive impact producing had on their lives, Norah researched ways on how she could bring this to the global market.

Power of Nature

With a lot of the world’s rare and natural ingredients used in the cosmetic industry deriving from the African continent, but not being reflected as such especially within the communities or at a senior level, Norah was on the mission to change this. By harnessing the power of nature and creating a brand that reflected her combining love and passion for Africa especially her native country of Uganda, community, social impact, her roots, the preservation of traditional practices and a desire to showcase the beauty of her region to the world, Atura Naturals was born.

Natural Elements

Drawing from inspiration from the healing power of nature, the raw beauty of its natural elements and traditional botanical remedies, Atura Naturals showcase East African skincare and wellbeing philosophies. Our products harness the benefits of organic ingredients that are kind to your skin, and our planet, and yet delivers a luxurious feel.


Each ingredient is carefully, ethically and consciously selected by hand from sustainable origins, and our products made with the finest elements nature has to offer.


Atura Naturals

Wildcrafted African Luxury


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Atura Naturals

Wildcrafted African Luxury