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Kemi Face Applicator

Kemi Face Applicator

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A must-have tool for flawless and hygienic facial masking - the face mask spatula! Say goodbye to messy fingers and uneven applications with this sleek and versatile spatula. Designed to scoop and spread our clay face masks evenly and precisely, it helps you achieve a spa-quality treatment in the comfort of your own home.

With its non-porous and easy-to-clean silicone material, the face mask spatula is your go-to tool for a clean, waste-free, and hassle-free skincare routine. So why settle for less when you can upgrade your masking game with this essential beauty tool


How to use

Dip the Kemi applicator into your favourite mask and spread an even layer across your face, avoiding the eye area.
Rinse the applicator thoroughly after use and allow to dry.


Silicone Brush

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